June 20, 2024
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods wasted no time introducing his daughter, Sam Alexis Woods, to the love of his life: golf. When the pro golfer spoke at a press conference two weeks after Sam’s arrival in 2007, he shared that he had already tried to (unsuccessfully) get her to grip a golf club. The little one witnessed her dad’s first golf match when she was only six months old. In the years that followed, Sam continued to support her dad from the sidelines. 

She officially stepped onto the golf course for the first time in her teen years when she caddied for Tiger at the PNC Championship Event in 2023. Given all this, it’s unsurprising that fans believed she was all set to start her professional career. However, when Tiger appeared on “Today” in 2024, he shared that his daughter wasn’t too keen on golf for a good reason. “When she was growing up, golf took daddy away from her,” he explained. 

“I had to pack and I had to leave and I would be gone for weeks, and there was a negative connotation to it.” The father-of-two stressed that Sam’s negative perception of his beloved support hadn’t negatively affected their relationship because they instead bonded over their other common interests. And while both Sam and her brother, Charlie Axel Woods, appear incredibly supportive of their dad’s career, there was a time when they pleaded with him to take a break from the game to protect his physical health, as the game led him to develop severe knee and back injuries and issues that would plague him for years.

Tiger Woods’ kids watched him suffer because of golf
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ 2018 victory at The Tour Championship earned him his first title in five years. When the pro golfer discussed the comeback with ESPN, he shared that the victory was even more special for him because it would help change his children’s perception of the game. “For a long time, they equated golf to, ‘Dad’s hurting more.’ So [they’d say], ‘Dad, don’t try and play, don’t try and practice, ’cause you’ll be in more pain,'” he explained. 

“Now they’re starting to see the joy that I get from it, and I think they’re starting to really enjoy it because of [that] as well.” The 82-time PGA Tour winner shared that his two kids, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel Woods, got to experience the joys and excitement of golf while they watched him thrive at The Open Championship in 2018. He explained that although his children had watched him play through the years, they were finally at an age where they could cherish the moment.  

While Sam may have been concerned for her dad’s well-being at one stage, she admired his resilience when introducing him at his Golf Hall of Fame induction in 2022. In her speech, she recalled how Tiger’s determination had
led him to bag his fifth Masters title despite having multiple knee and back surgeries. She also felt her dad was just as much of a star at home because he carved out time to enjoy their simple family life. Sam’s heartfelt speech unsurprisingly brought her dad to tears. 

His son seems incredibly passionate about golf

Tiger Woods

During Tiger Woods’ 2024 appearance on “Today,” he shared that his son, Charlie Axel Woods, was his go-to guy for all things golf. Similar to his sister, Charlie was introduced to golf at a young age and started attending matches when he was only a few months old. He seemed to have fallen in love with the sport at a young age, as a source told People that Tiger had started coaching him when he was 11. In 2020, the father and son joined forces to play the PNC Championship. 

Although the duo didn’t clinch the win, the 15-time major champion couldn’t be happier about the whole experience. “I don’t think words can describe it; the fact that we were able to have this experience together, Charlie and I,” he gushed in a post-game interview. “It’s memories for a lifetime,” (via X, formerly known as Twitter). Charlie seemed to have honed his skills at 14 because he advanced to the NB3 Junior National Golf Championship after an impressive performance at the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship. 

The victory was made even sweeter by the fact that Tiger was caddying for him. Later, the young golfer credited his dad with helping him stay in the zone and preventing him from overthinking, (via X). He has since tried his hand at the U.S. Open qualifier the pre-qualifier for PGA. Unfortunately, Charlie’s experience with the game hasn’t all been peachy because he’s had wild interactions with overzealous fans on the golf course.

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