June 14, 2024
Serena Williams

Serena Williams‘s businessman husband Alexis Ohanian is a fatherhood goal for many. Be it making pancakes for Olympia or taking pride in Adira’s playful personality, Daddy Ohanian has won millions of hearts with his intense love for his children. Despite his busy schedule, he never fails to take his time out for his adorable bundles of joy. In a recent admission, Ohanian delights his fans as he excitingly discloses a new father-daughter day plan with Olympia and Adira.

Alexis Ohanian recently took his official X platform to share The Hollywood Reporter’s tweet, where they shared a clip of Mama Odie’s voice fame Jenifer Lewis singing Dig a Little Deeper with other fans and riders of Disney’s new surprise, TianasBayouAdventure. Sharing this clip, Ohanian expressed his excitement for bringing his two adorable kids to this exclusive ride. “Can’t wait to take the girls on this”- tweeted Ohanian.

Now, this Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is a rethemed water splash mountain, which will start its journey again for its visitors from the 28th of June. It is located at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida. Announced about four years ago, this rethemed water ride is expected to amuse its visitors with characters from Disney’s iconic Princess and the Frog.

From musical experience to the swamps of New Orleans, and prepping Tiana for a Mardi Gras celebration, this water splash mountain is already the main topic of the headlines for a few days. In fact, the original music from Disney’s 2009 animated film will be featured during the log ride followed by similar faces like Tiana, Louis, and Mama Odie and instrument-playing small creatures from the bayou. Hearing the details, it is understandable why Ohanian is so excited to bring his two adorable princesses to experience this adventurous theme park.

The Ohanian family is a fan of the Disney World. Olympia experienced the Disney magic for the first time when her adorable mommy took her to the resort in 2019 on Williams’s 38th birthday. “first trip to Walt Disney World and being a crazy Disney World fan, I’ve literally been waiting on this moment since I was pregnant. The last time I came to Walt Disney World in Florida, I was actually pregnant with her, I’ve been waiting so long. I haven’t been able to come back, so this is like a dream come true”- said, Williams.

In 2021, Serena Williams with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, and daughter Olympia visited the Walt Disney World in Florida again. “I am excited, happy, and a little bit anxious,” said Serena while narrating her excitement about visiting Disney World in three words. This former Olympic gold-medalist WTA star also revealed Epcot as her favorite theme park in Florida’s Disney World.

Last year also, the Ohanian-Williams family visited the Walt Disney Resort and delighted fans with their photos of enjoyment as they experienced the Journey of Water inspired by the Journey of Moana and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Roller Coaster that was recently added to Serena’s favorite Epcot. The Walt Disney Resort also shared pictures, where the Williams family was spotted meeting Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.

Following these stories, fans are assured that the Williams-Ohanian family was a fan of the Walt Disney theme parks. Now that the resort has reintroduced Splash Mountains, the family would definitely be excited to experience that.

On the other hand, fans know how deeply Ohanian is attached to his daughters. Previously proud Daddy Ohanian showcased his adorable Olympia’s skills in their Home Depot Trip.

Alexis Ohanian reveals that Olympia “doesn’t know how good she has it”
Ohanian last year shared snippets from his Home Depot trip with Olympia as he planned to make the family’s Saturday quite exciting by nurturing their DIY skills. The ‘Home Depot trip with Papa’ is a rite of passage — unlike my dad, I’ve timed it to a fun Saturday kids’ building session they host. Jr doesn’t know how good she has it!”- tweeted Ohanian as he also shared snippets from the trip, where fans spotted Olympia with her arms crossed as she looked at something in that store. Alexis also shared another image, where fans saw Olympia using a screwdriver to build a wooden birdhouse.

Ohanian’s tweet showcased that he loves going out and spending time with his daughter Olympia. No matter how busy he is, he will always find time for his elder daughter to strengthen their bond.

Alexis’s statements reveal that he is a devoted father to his two daughters. There is hardly a place, where Ohanian hasn’t spoken about his intense love for his daughters. Now with his PDAs, Ohanian proved that his daughters will always be daddy’s princesses and his first priority.

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