July 24, 2024
Andy Murray

Andy Murray, who hopes to win the 2024 Olympics as well as the French Open, is ready to team up with Dan Evans. As he struggles with injuries, the 36-year-old hopes to partner with Evans to boost his chances of winning an event.

Andy Murray is prepared to partner with Dan Evans, as the veteran player wants to win both the French Open and the Olympics in Paris in 2024. To increase his chances of winning an event, the 36-year-old is hoping to team up with fellow countryman Evans as he battles injuries and attempts to survive on the tour.

Andy Murray appears likely to join the Great Britain team, and arrangements have already been made for who would pair with the seasoned athlete for the major event. Murray decided to compete in the French Open after realizing that he had a chance to medal in the doubles category.

In an interview, Murray discussed this topic and said that he would only compete in the Olympics if he thought there was a realistic chance of taking home a medal—a possibility that only exists in doubles. The 36-year-old is trying to play as many doubles matches as he can and is trying to prepare as best he can.

Evans and Murray are included on the singles registration list, and according to the source, Murray has also registered for the doubles competition.

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