July 16, 2024
Andy Murray

Andy Murray left his followers in stitches on Saturday night (Image: Getty)

Andy Murray was stunned by a certain performance at Eurovision on Saturday night.

Andy Murray had his fans in hysterics with his comments about the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night. The tennis legend was astounded by the performance of Finland, and particularly the lack of clothing being worn by one of their singers.

Eurovision has grown markedly in popularity recently, with performances getting whackier and wilder with every passing year. It was Switzerland who came out on top in the competition over the weekend, with artist Nemo securing an impressive 591 points.

The 24-year-old became the first non-binary artist to win the competition, with his performance of ‘The Code’ going down a storm with the public and among the juries, beating bookies’ favourite Baby Lasagna of Croatia into second.

The United Kingdom’s Ollie Alexander finished 18th out of the 25 entrants, receiving zero points from the public. However, it was not his performance of ‘Dizzy’ which caught the attention of Scottish tennis star Murray.

The former world No.1 was astounded by Finland’s Windows95man. The singer performed his track ‘No Rules!’ whilst not wearing any trousers and tricking many into thinking that he had taken to the stage in Malmo without wearing any underpants too.

Windows95man, otherwise known as Teemu Keisteri, was actually wearing a skin-coloured pair of small briefs – but Murray was not convinced. He took to X, otherwise known as Twitter, to write: “Is there a chap on stage with his Boaby out at the Eurovision? Didn’t expect to see that on BBC1.”

Windows95man’s performance initially saw him hatch from an egg made of jeans before making his way around the stage, along with his friend Henri Piispanen. Camera operators had to be particularly careful in their coverage of the act, with the Finnish star often covering himself up with a host of small objects which would prevent his downstairs from being spotted from certain angles.

Eventually, and potentially to the relief of Murray, Windows95man found a pair of jean shorts in one of the final moments of the performance.

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