June 14, 2024
Andy Murray

Andy Murray

Trouble is on the rise for Novak Djokovic as knee injury forces withdrawal from the French Open. The Serbinator suffered a meniscus tear which caused his forfeit, which was his only option due to the grave nature of the injury. While tennis fans wished him a speedy recovery, a relative of Andy Murray made light of the situation, which angered Djoker’s fans.

The meniscus tear required the former World No. 1 to get surgery, which will further require three weeks to recover. The recovery period has a great chance of making Djokovic miss the Wimbledon, which is where Keith Erskine, Murray’s maternal uncle, chimed in. He said, “Disastrous for Novak if he misses Wimbledon and the Olympics…such a shame 😂😩.”

Erskine’s comments on an injured Djokovic in one of his worst years on the tour were like salt to a very raw wound. And his fans let the man have it.

Since Murray’s back-to-back injuries began in 2017, he and Djokovic have not played each other even once. While Murray fell lower and lower, Djokovic stayed on top of the game. Their forms are far apart, which made one fan say, “even on one leg he’d clean up your nephhew…”

Murray and Djokovic have had a long rivalry, as they have played each other 36 times. The Serbians won 25 of their clashes. With his clear dominance, one user believed that Djokovic had scarred Murray’s family for such comments to arise: “Sorry to see that Novak damaged you permanently. However, he showed his skills on the court, played fairly and respectfully. So, the problem is yours!”

Djokovic is one of the most prominent figures in the greatest of all-time debate in tennis. With 24 slams and 40 masters, he is the leading figure and one of his used the fact to hit back at Erskine. “He’s the best player in history, clearly you can’t handle it!!! Sry for your poor miserable soul… 😁 Take your pills.”

For such a comment to arise out of a person for, a tennis figure who is suffering through injury, one fan believed that he must have a troubled soul. “Nole has a trouble on your knee. But U, well , got a big trouble in your soul. God bless U.”

Murray has lost 5 grand slam finals against Djokovic. His defeats stopped him one step short of claiming a fourth grand slam title. Murray has also had two hip surgeries, which hampered his abilities. A fan used the facts to hit back at Erskine, “Won’t give Andy Murray a hip or a 4th Slam title lol.”

Erskine did not have an easy time in the comments of his post, as almost every comment flamed him for his remarks. While he shared his scathing thoughts about Djokovic’s injury, the Serb found support in a much younger peer.

Coco Gauff hopes a speedy recovery is in line for Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic turned to Instagram to give his followers an update on his injury status. The Serbinator said it was difficult for him to withdraw from the tournament, and he is still processing the fact that he had to undergo surgery. Regardless, he was glad for the positive messages from his supporters. Coco Gauff showed her support for the former world number 1 as she wished, “Get well soon!”

Along with her, the ATP Tour stopped by to say, “Rest up and come back stronger Novak, we can’t wait to see you again soon ❤️.” His shoe sponsor, Asics, also wished him a get well soon.

Despite the harsh words from Andy Murray’s uncle, Djokovic received support from around the world. The Serbian star will use the energy to recover and attempt a return at Wimbledon.

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