June 21, 2024
Aryna Sabalenka

Aryna Sabalenka decided to trade her tennis racquet for the roar of Formula 1 engines! The Belarusian tennis pro endured heartbreak in her favorite city, Rome, during the Italian Open final. But now she is all determined to take a short break from the clay courts. And before she comes back with more power, Saba wants to immerse herself in the high-speed drama of the Italian Imola Grand Prix, where she was found with her rumored boyfriend, Georgios Frangulis.

In an unfortunate defeat against world number one, Aryna Sabalenka fell short of winning her first title in Rome. But, keeping aside all her sorrow, a few hours after the event, she was spotted in the Haas F1 Team’s paddock club. Sabalenka posted an Instagram story of her photo with Georgios Frangulis, the C.E.O of Oakberry. In the post, she was posing with Frangulis, the sponsor of Haas F1, with a smile on her face.

Sabalenka further sparked intrigue among her fans by tagging Frangulis and captioning the picture with an emoji of a hand, making a heart sign. The video also captured the former World No. 2, enjoying her time there and posing in different ways, showcasing her usual charm.
Aryna Sabalenka

Frangulis has been a constant supporter of World No. 2 throughout her journey over the last few months. Even during her Italian Open final match, he was there in the audience, cheering for Aryna Sabalenka. And when she faced a disappointing loss, he cheered her up by accompanying Sabalenka to a dinner party after the match.

A few hours after that, Sabalenka showed her support for Frangulis before the start of the Formula 1 driving race. However, she not only enjoyed clicking pictures with him, but we also saw a few pictures of her with other drivers as well.

Aryna Sabalenka clicked pictures with two of the Haas teammates before their F1 race!
Aryna Sabalenka posed with another two renowned drivers of the Formula 1 Haas team. One is Kevin Magnussen, a Danish racing driver who is currently competing in the race. And along with him, she also posed with another of his teammates, Nicolas Hulkenberg, who is a former GP2 series champion. He has also won the Formula 3 Euro Series and the A1 Grand Prix as well.

In the photos, she posed with the drivers with a smile on her face. However, that was not the case a few hours ago, when she lost to Swiatek second time within a span of two weeks! Her disappointment was visible. But after going through the defeat, it seems she now has the solution to make her mood better. And while she enjoys her time with her rumored boyfriend, we all hope she comes back in better spirits for her upcoming tournament.

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