July 24, 2024
Simone Biles

In the Biles family, Baby Biles is a cherished addition. She’s Simone Biles‘ niece, born to Ronn Biles II and Sammi Biles, embodying hope and joy like a radiant beam in their iconic, athletically gifted lineage. Ronnie Biles, fondly known as Baby Biles, has been a delightful presence in the limelight alongside her aunt, Simone Biles.

Baby Biles’ presence and enthusiasm for gymnastics are notable. Whether gracing social media accounts or appearing in person, Ronnie’s charm shines through as she frequents the gymnastics center and attends events, becoming the adorable little cheerleader for her aunt’s endeavors. The endearing bond shared between this niece and aunt duo is genuinely heartwarming to witness.

Recently, Simone Biles’ sister-in-law, Sammi Biles, shared an Instagram post on Ronnie’s playtime from the World Champions Centre, captioning, “how do you say?là où tout commence 🤸🏽‍♀️✨🇫🇷 ft tiny gymnast with big dreams💫 admiring.” Her parents have always been vocal about how much she is inspired by Simone Biles and gymnastics as a sport.

Là où tout commence stands for ‘Where it all begins’ in French. It seems Sammi Biles is hinting at the fact that Baby Biles may be on her way to becoming a young gymnast prodigy like her aunt, Simone Biles. This new post is no exception as she admires Simone Biles’ rival, Melanie Santos, who is a 23-year-old French gymnast.

Baby Biles has always admired her aunt, Simone Biles. During the 2023 Worlds, Ronni clapped and smiled at Simone on TV as she excelled in her element. “Ronni cheering on TT, with her little jumps & shouts,” Sammi had shared. In another instance, during the 2024 Invitational celebration with Simone and her fellow gymnasts, Ronni was spotted alongside her mother at the Simone Biles training center.

Baby Biles to be the second Simone Biles to join the sport since Adria Biles’ decision to quit
If Ronni “Baby” Biles seems to be on track to becoming a great gymnast like her aunt, she will be the second member of the family in the sport since Simone’s sister, Adria, dropped out. Adria Biles made the difficult decision to quit gymnastics in 2016 to pursue a career in hygiene and dental assisting.

Although Adria has moved on from gymnastics and is now a coach, she has expressed regrets about her decision to quit the sport. In an Ask Me Anything session on her Instagram, she acknowledged that she does have some regrets, saying, “I do, but I coach now and I love it.” We are looking forward to Adria Biles bringing her coaching prowess to train little Ronni Biles when she is old enough to take the sport more seriously.

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