June 20, 2024


After a spellbinding 2023, where she became the most decorated gymnast in history, Simone Biles stands on the brink of her journey towards the Paris Olympics in 2024. Nestled in the heart of Spring, Texas, Simone’s training ground is none other than the World Champions Center (WCC), an esteemed academy cherished as a family legacy. Owned by her parents, Nellie and Ronald Biles, this establishment is renowned for nurturing the dreams of countless gymnasts.

Ahead of her Olympic year debut, Simone Biles, along with 31 other remarkable women, gears up for the upcoming USA Gymnastics women’s national team camp. With just days to go until this exciting convergence of gymnastics stars, let us see WCC gymnasts apart from Simone Biles set to take part in the event.

Simone Biles and other stars of the WCC at the national team camp
According to the Olympics.com the USA Gymnastics women’s national team camp, slated from April 1st to April 4th in Katy, Texas, stands as a pivotal gathering, drawing together 32 elite athletes. Headlining the camp are stars like Simone Biles, Jordan Chiles, Skye Blakely, and Shilese Jones.
Simone Biles
Representing the esteemed World Champions Center owned by Simone Biles’ parents, a cadre of exceptional talents will grace the camp, including Simone Biles, Dulcy Caylor, Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, Zoe Miller, Brooke Pierson, Joscelyn Roberson, and Tiana Sumanasekera. Their presence shows the center’s reputation for cultivating top-tier gymnasts. As we look forward to seeing Simone and her teammates blaze the 2024 season, let’s peek at how the journey of WCC began.

The journey of the World Champions Center
Simone Biles once shared WCC’s story on #KneadingDough: The Podcast, revealing her frustration at lacking a proper gym for training. One day, her mother surprised her by telling her they were going to the grocery store but took her to a plot of land and said, “I just purchased this lot. We’re going to build a gym.” Despite initial trepidation, they embarked on a journey, transforming that empty plot into a place where dreams were realized.

The gym’s inception was in March 2014, initially starting in a temporary center before moving to a warehouse in September of the same year. It officially opened its doors to the public in May 2016, marking the beginning of its journey. The facility now spans an impressive 52,000 square feet, featuring a substantial 29,000-square-foot training floor. As the Olympic year unfolds, gymnastics fans look forward to how the stars of the WCC pave their way to Paris in 2024.

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