June 14, 2024

Hughes Norton reveals Tiger's secrets in a new book

Hughes Norton, Tiger Woods’ former agent, has finally decided to open up about his long-standing grudge against the golf legend in his new book, “Rainmaker.” The book not only delves into Norton’s career but also sheds light on his relationship with Woods.

Norton played a pivotal role in securing Woods’ initial deals with Nike and Titleist in 1996, which amounted to a staggering $60 million. However, just two years later, Woods abruptly terminated their professional relationship.

Tiger Woods
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In a bombshell revelation from the book, Norton describes the moment of his firing, portraying Woods as “expressionless” with “zombie-like” eyes during the confrontation. Norton expressed his feelings of betrayal, stating, “It was betrayal with a capital B.” He further elaborated on the impact of the termination, both professionally and personally, emphasizing the deep-rooted relationship they had built over the span of 10 years.

This revelation adds another layer to Woods’ off-the-course drama, which has been riddled with various controversies throughout his illustrious career as one of the world’s most prominent athletes.

Tiger Woods’ former agent goes public with shocking allegations
Norton also reflects on Woods’ pattern of ending relationships, stating, “The solace I can take, which doesn’t provide much, is this: He was an equal opportunity zombie with relationships, his swing coaches, his lawyer, the guy negotiated the IMG representation deal, with caddies. When it’s over, it’s over.”

Norton goes on to highlight the irony of Woods’ approach to confrontation, noting that while he excels at confronting challenges on the golf course, he struggles when it comes to addressing personal and professional relationships. “It’s ironic, really. In a way he’s so good at confrontation on the golf course. If he’s playing you, he will beat your brains out every single time. But when it comes to confronting things like me and other people that are in his life,” Norton writes in the book.

Norton’s candid account provides a unique insight into the complexities of Woods’ interpersonal dynamics and sheds light on the challenges of maintaining a relationship with a high-profile figure like Woods.

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