June 21, 2024


When it comes to the future of golf, Charlie Woods’s name definitely crosses one’s mind. However, there is another young prodigy who has been deeply coming into prominence these days, etching his name in the history of the sport, and also an arch-nemesis for Jr. Woods on the greens: Miles Russell. He is not only taking after his son but has also broken his father’s Tiger Woods record after becoming the youngest golfer to win the American Junior Golf Association’s Rolex Boys Player of the Year.

Recently, Miles Russell added another feather to his cap by making his debut on the Korn Ferry Tour at the age of 15. His performance on the greens has not only garnered a lot of attention. But this has resulted in a thorough scrutinizing of Charlie Woods’ recent ones by the fans.

Miles Russell writes history
Miles Russell is currently participating in the LECOM Suncoast Classic of the Korn Ferry Tour. It is his debut in a PGA Tour sanction event on a sponsor exemption a few hours away from his hometown at the Lakewood National Golf Club. When Russell was asked about his current aim and what he expected out of the game, Miles Russell said, “I don’t know what to expect, but I’d love to make the cut and who knows, maybe have a good weekend and see where it puts me.”

Miles Russell, from the get-go, put forth a dominating performance on the greens, as on the front nine he was able to card a score of 31 and became among the early leaders. Russell went on to a total of 5 birdies, and he wrapped up the first round with a 3-under 68, tying for the 45th position.

Taking to his outstanding performances on the greens, Dan Rapaport, shared a post to appreciate the young star. Sharing the stats of his first round from the LECOM Suncoast Classic and another picture of him holding the AJGA’s trophy in his hands and highlighted his previous victory where Russell won the Junior PLAYERS last year at the age of 14, with an exceptional score of 9-under 207. Rapaport wrote, “World No. 1 junior Miles Russell is 15 years old. He’s also -4 through 9 in his Korn Ferry Tour debut. Won the junior Players last year at 14.”

Looking at the other 15-year-old, Jr. Woods’s performance on the greens has not been as good as people might have expected. Charlie Woods failed to qualify for the qualifying event at the Cognizant Classic, ending the match with a 16-over 86. He not only scored a series of bogeys but also carded a double bogey on the 5th hole, which brought his downfall.

On the other hand, Miles Russell scored 2-under 70. There is no doubt that Russell’s performance has surely brought Charlie Woods to the sidelines. As one 15-year-old was being showered with praise, unfortunately, another one became a subject of mockery for the netizens. It’s no surprise that an immediate comparison between Charlie Woods and Mike Russell just took over the internet.

The golf community mocks Charlie Woods
After coming across Dan Rapaport’s recent post, the entire golf community came together to mock Charlie Woods. Since he could not manage to keep up with his first attempt at qualifying for the PGA Tour event. Taking to Charlie Woods’ off-late performances at the greens where Russell has been tasting success, one of them wrote, “Wya Charlie”, asking him about his whereabouts in the pro sport. A lot of them even resorted to sarcasm to diss the players.

A follower, wittily enough, asked, “Charlie Woods who???” hinting at how Charlie Woods is not being able to earn a name as great as his father, Tiger Woods. While another, pretending to be in delusion, in a sheer tone of sarcasm, wrote, “I thought Charlie was the real deal though? I have been lied to”.

Apart from all the mockery that Charlie Woods got through the post, Russell managed to earn another huge compliment. He was put on the list of golfers who are left-handed, which includes 54-time PGA Tour winner Phil Mickelson—the beloved Lefty of the golf world—and OWGR No. 1 golfer Scotties Scheffler. Well, Russell is no different, and taking to this, people left comments like, “Representing the lefties. The kid has a great swing” and “Leftie, and a lovely swing.”

Do you think Miles Russell is the new big deal in the golf community? Or will Charlie Woods still be able to take on his father’s legacy ? Let us know in the comments section below!

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