June 14, 2024
Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff wears many hats — tennis champion, daughter, and beauty enthusiast, for starters. Now, the athlete is adding to her growing portfolio as she announces Carol’s Daughter as her official hair sponsor. In a world where women’s sports are more popular than ever, it’s refreshing to see athletes like Gauff getting the sponsorships they deserve.

“I was using Carol’s Daughter’s products for years before this opportunity came to me,” Gauff tells PS. “As I’ve matured, I’ve started learning to embrace my hair more, and working with this brand felt like perfect alignment. It was founded by a Black woman with an emphasis on family, and given how close I am to mine, this partnership just felt authentic to me.”

Like many Black women, hair plays a big role in Gauff’s life — especially when she’s on the court. “When I play, I like to wear protective hairstyles because I need low-manipulation looks,” she says. “When I was young, I committed myself to showcasing Black hairstyles when I play, and that’s something that I take pride in. Whether it’s box braids, twists, or my natural hair, it’s a form of self-expression that I’m really proud of, especially because you still don’t see it very often in our sport.”

It’s important for Gauff to keep her natural hair healthy when she plays, so she has a go-to product to get her though long tournaments. “My favorite product for my protective styles, especially if they’re goddess braids, is the Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner ($12, originally $14),” she says. “I’m on the go all the time, so I just apply some onto my hair, rake it through, and then I’m off to compete.”

When she has some time to herself, Gauff loves fitting in some self-care. If she’s not resting, she’s probably getting her hair or nails done, or indulging in an elaborate skin-care routine. “I don’t wear makeup when I’m competing, so I do my best to make sure my skin looks good,” she says. She has a few go-to products that she reaches for again and again. “I really like the Rhode Pineapple Cleanser ($28),” she says. “My doubles partner, Jessie Pegula, also has a brand called Ready 24, and I’ve been really enjoying its Refreshing Lavender Mist ($28) and Daily Antioxidant Moisturizer ($40). I also love using Aquaphor ($7) as lip balm and moisturizer. It’s my holy grail product.”

In the upcoming year, Gauff wants to continue experimenting with fun beauty trends. “I usually play with nails, and I really want to try a full chrome manicure,” she says. “I also love anything Fenty Beauty, so I’m excited to continue playing with more of its makeup.”

All eyes are on the athlete as she continues to carve a name for herself as a tennis prodigy, and with the star power she possesses, expect to see Gauff taking over more than just the court very soon.

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