June 21, 2024
Coco Gauff

“Allow me to pick up where I left off. The biggest phenomenon..” Remember these lines from “Offence” by Little Simz? These lines were seen playing in the background of a commercial involving Coco Gauff in 2020. In September 2020, Gauff was seen in the new “We Got Now” campaign for New Balance. The campaign called Coco Gauff as the star of the next generation. Four years passed. guess what? We’re picking the lines yet again. The 20-year-old American tennis star has become truly the biggest phenom and a star of the next generation.

In that commercial New Balance said, “She’s not just here to climb the rankings. She’s here to lead the next generation.” The world number 3, was recently spotted gifting a signed racquet to British Rapper Little Simz. The rapper posted a picture of her holding the gift she has received from the American tennis star. Coco Gauff also shared her post on her Instagram stories. And, if we take a closer look at the racquet, she also left a short message to Little Simz on the grip of the racquet. It says, “To Little Simz. You’re Amazing!” she added her name and attached a heart symbol beside it.

Although Coco Gauff has changed the frame of her racquet several times now. But she has used the same racquet maker throughout her career. Currently, she uses the new Head Boom MP racquet in her matches. The new Boom models came to the market on March 7 and since then it has got a massive response from tennis fanatics.

In addition to the standard look, a special Mint cosmetic option for the MP and Team L was released in the market and Coco Gauff seems to have gifted Little Simz a similar kind of racquet. This second generation of the user-friendly frame has been updated for greater comfort and stability while hitting a tennis ball. Coco Gauff has time and again portrayed her love by gifting her most beloved possessions to her fans and sports lovers. Last year she was seen gifting New Balance shoes to a group of ball kids during a tournament in the US.

Coco Gauff gifts New Balance shoes at the Billie Jean King Cup
Gauff never fails to showcase her love towards her fans. During a match between USA and Australia last year at the Billie Jean King Cup, she teamed up with her sponsor, New Balance to gift the all-girl crew of ball kids with a pair of her CG1 shoes. These shoes are exclusively made for Gauff in association with this renowned sports brand.

She even wrote a message for the kids on the all-white shoes. It said, “You can change the world with your racket.” Coco Gauff is an inspiration on and off the field to all the young American tennis players. What she has achieved at such a young age is truly exceptional, no wonder why Little Simz is so excited after getting this gift from this American tennis star. Share your thoughts on the rapid rise of Coco Gauff on the bigger stages of the game.

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