July 24, 2024
Andy Murray

Andy Murray

With the Paris Olympics looming, many top tennis players have put their feet on the doubles court. Take for example the ongoing Madrid Open. The likes of Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas have also played doubles here in a bid to ultimately represent their country at the Olympics. Another such player who is making these plans is the British legend, Andy Murray.

The 36-year-old will participate in potentially the final Olympics of his career. However, he is leaving no stone unturned and is doing everything he can in order to succeed in Paris. As a result, he has made an interesting move in the lead-up to the Olympic Games later this year.

Andy Murray to play doubles at the French Open
Earlier this week, it was revealed that Murray was looking to play in both singles as well as doubles at the upcoming French Open. This move was made keeping in mind the Olympics, with the French Open working as a warm-up tournament for his doubles game. The Briton will team up with his compatriot, Dan Evans to hopefully win a title.

However, participating in both formats will be a big challenge for Murray, given that he hasn’t been injury-free off late. Having damaged two ankle ligaments in Miami in March, Murray has avoided surgery to be able to play until summer in Paris at least. Nonetheless, the doubles is the only format in which Murray has an outside chance of winning another Olympic medal.

The former World Number 1 has so far won two Olympic gold medals, albeit both in singles. 2012 and 2016 were Murray’s prime years but now age not on his side, the Brit also made an honest confession about his participation at the Olympic Games in Paris.

Andy Murray going to Paris with an eye on winning a medal
The British legend has undergone hip surgery in the past and has a metal cap inserted there. Although he continued playing after his surgery, the top form expected of him hasn’t seen a comeback with an inconsistent run in tournaments. With other injuries like the latest ligament tear also mounting, Murray has made a big confession about playing in Paris later this year.

During an interview, he said that he would participate in the Olympic Games only if he thought that he could have a chance of winning a medal there. Thus, Murray’s French Open move proves that he feels the doubles format could potentially fetch him a third Olympic glory.

The onus will be on Murray and his partner, Dan Evans, to dig deep at the French Open and give their Olympic glory a real shot. Do you think Murray can win his third Olympic medal later this year? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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