June 21, 2024
Phil Mickelson

Ian Poulter and Phil Mickelson appeared to be shoe-ins as future Ryder Cup captains for their respective teams, but the former believes they will never get the chance
Ian Poulter believes both he and Phil Mickelson will never be given the chance to face off as future Ryder Cup captains on the back of their move to LIV Golf.

Poulter has announced himself as a European Ryder Cup legend during his career but gave up the chance to represent Team Europe last Spring when resigning his DP World Tour membership. He enjoyed many a battle with his American rival Mickelson on the Ryder Cup stage, who has also made the Saudi switch.

Both Poulter and Mickelson looked to be guarantees as future captains in the matchplay event for their respected teams, but according to the Englishman this now looks unlikely.

Phil Mickelson took to social media on Wednesday to discuss what will come next following his playing career, with one fan suggesting he should go into commentating. The HyFlyers captain instead however is keen to turn to one-off matches with amateurs in front of a set of cameras.

“Thank you for the kind words. However, just cuz someone CAN do something doesn’t mean they SHOULD do it,” he tweeted. “Instead of commentating, I’m going to shoot some Pros vs Schmos 9 hole matches. I’ll share insights throughout as well as talk a little smack. It won’t be the highest quality video but it’ll be fun for me to do and fun to watch I think too.”

And one man who is keen to take on Mickelson in a possible new venture is Poulter, having given up on a possible Ryder Cup reunion. “I’m happy to be the Schmos if you like,” the European responded. “Just like we could have been Ryder Cup Captains against each other. Which ain’t happening now.

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson has discussed his future ( Image: Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images)

“So name the place and time and I will bring the [camera]. I’m all in Just put those calf muscles away. Tartans trousers only.”

And it seems the six-time major champion is keen to take up the offer, with Mickelson replying: “Let’s do this.”

Poulter had already admitted his playing days in European colours were over, opening up on the bitter fallout centring around the LIV setup and the Ryder Cup. “My years of playing the Ryder Cup are done, I’m too old. I’m 48, so I’d technically be 49 by the time next year’s edition rolls around,” he told Gulf News in March.

“Too much happened last time, too much was said and that’s extremely disappointing from my perspective with the way certain people were treated and spoken about with reference to the Ryder Cup, especially when certain people have committed a lot of their life to work extremely hard for that product.

“So the way it stands right now, with the current people that run that level of the organisation, things would have to change for me to be involved… I’m not needed, they didn’t need me last time – some people said that we weren’t needed.”

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