June 20, 2024
Roger Federer


At the premiere of the film “Challengers,” the worlds of tennis and Hollywood clashed in a glamorous collision. During the event, various celebrities spilled the beans on who they considered their ideal doubles partner in tennis. They took sides by mentioning tennis legends like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams. The name Coco Gauff also shone brighter among many others. Here’s what they revealed.

Inspired by a match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, the movie Challengers has been making headlines lately. Among the various celebrities who attended the event, an interview revealed some of their favorite doubles partners. For example, the main cast member of the movie, Zendaya, said, “Doubles partner? Venus and Serena.”

She quickly added the reason behind the choice and said, “Because I’ll just cheer them on and let them do all the work. I will be like, Whatever you need, girl, I can get you some water. You know what I mean. I just hang back here.” Zendaya’s admiration for the Williams sisters’ contribution has always endeared her fans. She recently paid tribute to them during her Vogue photoshoot.

The Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard also revealed how much she would like to be a doubles partner with the former US Open winner Coco Gauff. “I think me and Coco could kill it out there,” she declared. Bouchard has also previously appreciated the World No. 3 for her remarkable performance in the Miami Open of 2023. And emphasizing it further, she now wants to play with her on-court!

On the other hand, Storm Reid, who is known for her remarkable roles in “A Wrinkle in Time” and “Euphoria,” preferred the Swiss Maestro. “My dream doubles partner has always been Roger Federer. I am a Roger fan since I was young, playing tennis and growing up,” she said. Not only this, but fans also spotted a friendly request from Zendaya towards one of the prominent WTA players during the event.

Zendaya wants to meet Coco Gauff!
“Challengers,” which made its Los Angeles premiere on Tuesday, was star-studded with various tennis personalities like Venus Williams and others. However, while walking the red carpet, Zendaya expressed her desire to meet Coco Gauff, who was unable to attend the premiere. “I love Coco [Gauff]. I haven’t met her yet, but I sure hope so!” Zendaya said. She further talked about Gauff’s coach and tennis consultant for the film and added, “I know Brad’s her coach, so I’m like, ‘I want to meet her!’”

Coco Gauff is currently busy with her Stuttgart Open tournament. She has qualified for the quarterfinals of the tournament for the first time in her career. Although she could not make it to the event, her coach, Brad Gilbert, was present at the screening.

The crossover between the two industries garnered a lot of attention among the fans. Especially after the revelation of celebrities’ ideal doubles partners, fans are waiting for a response from the tennis world.

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