July 16, 2024
Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz won all matches on grass last season.
Spanish tennis star Carlos Alcaraz stated that he didn’t have enough time to settle and play during his match against Jack Draper.

The three-time Grand Slam champion suffered a shocking straight-sets defeat against British No. 1# Jack Draper in the second round of the 2024 Queen’s Club Championships. Alcaraz was the defending champion, as he stunned Australia’s Alex de Minaur in last year’s final to win his first crown at the grass-court event.

However, the 21-year-old failed to safeguard his title in 2024. Alcaraz was in stellar form on clay as he defeated Jannik Sinner and Alexander Zevrav in the semifinals and finals, respectively, to win the French Open crown. With the loss, he lost 450 ATP ranking points, and he slipped to the third position, with Novak Djokovic becoming the new World No. #2.

After the match, he was asked about whether he had to rush between the points against Draper. In response to the question, Alcaraz stated that he didn’t get sufficient time between sets. He said, “Yeah, absolutely. I think for the player it is something bad. I finish the point at the net, and I had no time to ask for the balls. I have time just to ask for two balls and no bounces.”

Alcaraz added, “I have never seen something like that in tennis. If you play a long point or finish at the net, you [should] have time just to go for a towel or [do] your routine: ask for, in my case, four balls, I’m concentrating for the next point, just bouncing my bounces, and serve as best as I can.”

Carlos Alcaraz stated that he felt like everything was rushed throughout the match. The time a player gets to serve has been decreased to 15 seconds instead of 25 on a trial basis. Once a set, players are allowed to call for a 10-second extension. The Spaniard said, “Today I felt like I was in a rush all the time. I had no time to bounce and do my routine. Of course it’s something bad for the players.”

As per inews, the Spaniard confirmed that he would register a complaint about the issue. In addition to that, meetings have also taken place at the Queen’s Club Championships about the change in rules and time reduction.

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