July 16, 2024
Kate Middleton

Princess Kate has been presently undergoing a preventative chemotherapy
Kate Middleton’s new portrait showed a sign of grief as the Princess has been going through preventative chemotherapy.

For the unversed, the Princess of Wales announced her partial return to royal duties and updated her fans about her cancer treatment on June 14.
Alongside her heartfelt statement, Catherine shared her attention-grabbing photo in which she can be seen posing in front of the weeping willow tree, which is often associated with grief.

In conversation with Daily Mail, royal commentator Richard Eden shared, “Kate’s portrait was incredibly moving.”

He added, “It was a photograph taken by Matt Porteous and he loves nature. He took a wonderful photo of Catherine with her three children sitting in a tree last year and again a tree featured heavily in this portrait which was a weeping willow.”

Richard said, “Catherine was of course a student of the History of art so she knew all about the symbolism of weeping willows.”

Moreover, the royal expert stated, “The fact that the pose of her looking upwards very wistfully shows that nature and being in the winds are playing in her recovery from cancer.”

“It also shows she is not out of the woods there’s a reference to the tree and the water that she is going through a hard time so it was laden with symbolism,” Richard said.

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