June 21, 2024
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton hopes to join King Charles for annual trip to Balmoral Castle

Kate Middleton feels nature will help her and King Charles heal as she hopes to take a trip to Balmoral
Kate Middleton is looking forward to regaining her health to join King Charles on a visit to Balmoral Castle in rural Scotland.

As per a report by Closer Weekly, the Princess of Wales, who is fighting an undisclosed form of cancer, thinks the nature will have a healing effect not only on her but also on cancer-stricken Charles.

“One of the things that Kate and Charles have in common is the feeling that being in nature is healing,” the insider said of the duo.

Balmoral Castle has a big area of land – 50,000 acres – with woods, farms, lakes, and open fields, which can be great change for both Kate and Charles.

“The family enjoys doing all the things the queen loved to do there,” the insider revealed. “They ride horses, play with the dogs and go shooting. It’s a good way of being a family and remembering Elizabeth.”

“When they’re all together doing activities they’ve enjoyed in less troubled times, they feel hopeful,” the source shared.

“It’s going to be a different summer,” they added. “But Kate’s been resting up so she can savor every moment.”

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