June 21, 2024
Prince William

Prince William makes his wife proud with his major move

Prince William gives up all his dreams for his wife Kate Middleton
Prince William, heir to the throne, has proved to be a very loving and caring husband as he has given a big sacrifice for his cancer-stricken wife Kate Middleton.

The Prince of Wales has reportedly decided to miss an opportunity to represent the sovereign as leader of the Commonwealth as he wants to stay with his wife during her preventative treatment.
The future King will reportedly not step in for his dad King Charles, who’s also battling cancer, on Samoa in October due to his the future Queen’s battle with cancer.

“Attending the CHOGM is not something William can take on at this time due to Kate’s health, and although Anne and other working royals are doing a great job stepping in to plug the gaps at home, they are not viewed as high level enough to represent the sovereign as leader of the Commonwealth.” insider told Express UK.

On the other hand, King Charles also wants William to remain with his wife at her difficult time. The 75-year-old monarch is doing all her best to keep her beloved-daughter-in-law tension free.

The King is even putting his own health on risk to save his loyal and steadfast family member as he has decided to lead the meeting himself even being warned by his medical team against travelling.

Prince Kate, who’s optimistic to defeat cancer and restless to return to public eye, would surely be over the moon to have such a loving people around her at difficult time.

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