July 16, 2024
Kate Middleton

The nine-year-old is reportedly ‘protective’ of her mother

Princess Charlotte is said to be “taking care” of her mother, the Princess of Wales, as she continues her treatment for an undisclosed type of cancer.
The young royal, nine, is reportedly “protective” of her mother, 42, and royal biographer Ingrid Stewart said this was evident at last month’s Trooping the Colour.

“I think that Charlotte is really taking care of her mum,” she told The Mirror. “It was quite sweet the way she stood in front of her [on the Buckingham Palace balcony] and they kept chatting.

“Charlotte seems to be very full of admiration for her mother, which I think is a lovely thing, too.”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has been urged to “think long and hard” about accepting an award for veterans following some backlash to the announcement in the US.

The former head of the Royal Navy, Admiral Lord Alan West, said Harry, 39, should “sit back and not accept awards like this.”

“He ought to think very hard and long about accepting awards for things like being an exceptional pilot and being exceptionally brave,” he suggested.

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