June 14, 2024
Kate Middleton

Princess Kate aims to address ‘abhorrent’ rumours about her health
Princess Kate might release a new health update video to dismiss ‘abhorrent’ speculations amid her ongoing cancer treatment.

In conversation with GB News, royal commentator Gareth Russell shared that the Princess of Wales has free will to make another video about her health for the well-wishers of the royal family.
He said, “I would hope that no member of the British Royal Family would feel obligated to go on camera, especially while they are battling one of the most severe illnesses imaginable, solely to reassure scandal mongers and gossip mongers in the United States.”

The royal expert claimed it is “possible” that the Princess of Wales “will make another announcement, but I hope very much that is up to her.”

Gareth called out the “hypocrisy’ of netizens who are constantly targetting the future Queen of England during her severe health crisis.

He added, “The speculation of the Princess of Wales earlier this year was absolutely abhorrent. Some of it was truly heinous, there’s no other word for it than it was morally wrong.”
It is pertinent to mention that Catherine released a video in late March, revealing her tragic cancer diagnosis to the world.

The Princess has been presently undergoing preventative chemotherapy and keeping away from the public eye.

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