June 20, 2024
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is keen to “let bygones be bygones” as she shares a picture of her youngest son Prince Louis on his sixth birthday on April 23.
A royal expert, quoted by The News, said this new post by the Princess of Wales is a “clear message” to both her fans and critics that she is ready to forgive and resume her royal role.

Her latest Instagram post on her youngest’s birthday is an “unedited” photo of Prince Louis grinning at the camera as he lies barefoot on the grass.

Kate’s post read: “6th Birthday, Prince Louis! Thank you for all the kind wishes today. (Camera) The Princess of Wales”

Kate has faced heat in recent past for releasing “edited” picture on Mother’s Day. She had later issued a public apology for the post.

Royal expert and historian Dr Tessa Dunlop quoted by The News told Mirror that the new picture depicts that the Princess of Wales wants to “forgive us for our scurrilous speculation.”

Dunlop also said the Kensington Palace could “easily have let this birthday go” since Prince Louis is only six and is not in line to inherit the throne.

“His mother is having cancer treatment, his father is trying to multi-task and the general public’s propensity towards conspiracy theories has hardly covered us in glory,” Dunlop told the Mirror.

“But by choosing to share a photograph taken by Kate the Princess of Wales is messaging that She will forgive us and our scurrilous speculation if we quietly let her resume the role of royal photographer-in-chief,” the expert added.

Dunlop also claimed that the photo shows that the Prince and Princess of Wales are back at “posing as Britain’s first family”.

“The release of the photo is a sign that Kate, like the King, is managing cancer treatment alongside other duties and tasks,” the expert said.

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