July 16, 2024
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton may have put on a brave face publicly as she faced cancer. But privately, she has the same “worries” and “fears” as any other patient.

Kate Middleton is fighting not only a physical but emotional battle

In January 2024, Kate Middleton was hospitalized for planned abdominal surgery. Subsequently, during that surgery, cancer was reportedly found.

However, the Princess of Wales didn’t initially reveal her diagnosis publicly. Instead, she and Prince William battled this fight privately, out of the public eye, for two months.

In March, Kate recorded a video that was released on the couple’s Instagram page. In June, she followed up her remarks with a new statement, where she revealed she was continuing treatment for an undisclosed type of cancer. She appeared at Trooping the Color, her first public event, in June.

People Magazine discussed the Princess of Wales’ health. They spoke to Ailsa Anderson, former press secretary to Queen Elizabeth,…

Kate Middleton’s ‘Worries’ and ‘Fears’ Over Cancer Battle

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