June 14, 2024

King Charles gives pleasant surprise as he appears in high spirits after Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis

King Charles has been spotted in a car driving into his London residence Clarence House today

King Charles
King Charles gives pleasant surprise as he appears in high spirits after Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis

King Charles has commenced engagements today, marking his first public appearance since the Princess of Wales disclosed her cancer diagnosis.

Despite undergoing cancer treatment himself, the monarch was spotted leaving Windsor and arriving at Clarence House, where he greeted well-wishers while dressed in a smart grey suit.
The latest update has also been shared on the royal social media handle as well as the King joined forces with Community and Faith Leaders.

“Today, the King was joined by Community and Faith Leaders, who are alumni of the Windsor Leadership Trust, at Buckingham Palace.

The King heard about their involvement in The Faith Leader’s Forum where they had an opportunity to openly share their experiences of leading in their communities at a time of heightened international tensions.”

Charles remains active in his duties as head of state within the palace confines, conducting audiences and Privy Council meetings.

However, he has deferred all public-facing commitments since initiating treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer in February.

On Friday, when his daughter-in-law Kate revealed her own cancer diagnosis in an emotional video, Buckingham Palace said the King was “so proud” of Kate for her courage in speaking out about her cancer diagnosis and remains in the “closest contact with his beloved daughter-in-law”.

It later emerged that Charles and Kate had an “emotional” private lunch hours before Kate announced her cancer diagnosis to the public.

The monarch, 75, reportedly had a heart-to-heart with his daughter-in-law at Windsor Castle on Thursday. He travelled from London to the Berkshire town as, it is said, Kate was keen to speak to him following his diagnosis.

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