June 21, 2024
Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes is facing difficulties in terms of performance since the implementation of ground effect regulations in 2022. The team has struggled to find the right balance and has not been able to secure a victory since winning the 2022 championship. The Silver Arrows also had a tough start to the current season, which can be attributed to the issues they faced early last year.

During the first race weekend in 2022, Lewis Hamilton reflected on the challenges they faced. The team had to remove 90 points of aerodynamic load from the car to address “porpoising” issues, which resulted in a significant loss of performance. Hamilton mentioned that the more points of load they added, the more the car bounced, further hindering its performance.

Despite the frustrations and lack of positive results, the difficult situation served as a source of inspiration for the engineers and team at Mercedes. They continued to work hard and give their best, even with declining performance.

In contrast to Mercedes’ difficulties, Red Bull has been dominating the new era of Formula 1. They quickly adapted to the new regulations and solved the problems they encountered at the beginning of testing in Bahrain in 2022. The RB18 showed better stability on straights compared to other cars during the pre-season.

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