July 16, 2024
Lewis Hamilton

What’s happening within Mercedes? Amidst cheers for Lewis Hamilton‘s podium at the Spanish Grand Prix, a crisis at Mercedes threatens to overshadow their success. With numerous allegations and criticism around them, Toto Wolff’s team faces plenty of backlash, this time from the expert Peter Windsor himself.

In his latest analysis, F1 pundit Peter Windsor exposed certain unseen sides of Hamilton’s success in Barcelona. Talking in favor of the World Champion; Windsor pointed out some grave issues within Mercedes. He bashed Toto Wolff’s strategic failures that led to Hamilton’s sudden drop in performance in the last two years. Windsor also emphasized that Hamilton’s podium cannot undermine the issues Mercedes are facing internally. What did the expert say?

Lewis Hamilton’s podium is a diversion from the actual problems
On his YouTube channel, Peter Windsor declared that Hamilton was impressive in Spain, and so was George Russell. But Windsor pointed out that George’s start and overtake into the first corner was unbelievable. “If that had been Lewis, I’d be saying, ‘Wow, that’s the old Lewis,” the pundit remarked.

Some might say Mercedes is getting it together again. But Windsor reckons Mercedes are “worse off than they were this time last year”. However, the pundit commended Hamilton for doing well in a mediocre car like the W15 saying that his strategies were on point in Spain.

Windsor further took a bitter stance on Mercedes. He stated: “Due to their technical arrogance and failing to build a car capable of challenging for a championship, have almost wasted 24 months of Lewis Hamilton’s career. I think that’s a shame.”

Peter Windsor’s argument reflects the issues within Mercedes. The sudden dip in Hamilton’s performance after Abu Dhabi 2021 was an eyesore to his fans. Citing that, Windsor further said, “Mercedes have been doing a terrible job.”

Windsor recounted that the Silver Arrows have always been doing well in Barcelona, so there’s not much progress in the case of a podium. They only had one car in the top three this time.
Lewis Hamilton

Windsor has criticized Mercedes for failing to produce a championship-winning car in the past too. In one of his previous interviews, he mentioned that he felt Mercedes had ‘sabotaged’ Lewis Hamilton. With his new analysis, he appears to be attempting to support his assumptions, and while he may not be wrong, further observations are necessary before making additional speculations.

“We know how good Lewis is”: Peter Windsor reminds his viewers of the World Champion’s prowess
Being a Lewis Hamilton fan, Windsor reminds his audience that Hamilton is still a top driver who needs a good car to bring out the beast. But the fans have been disappointed in Hamilton’s performance.

“I think you’ve just been disappointed as a fan because he hasn’t had the results, It’s still sad to see him driving hard to finish third, getting blown away by the Mercedes customer team. That shouldn’t be happening,” Windsor stated, emphasizing the need to give Lewis Hamilton a good strategy because a pilot like him deserves to be on the top.

This insightful analysis from Peter Windsor suggests that Mercedes, despite past dominance and a recent podium, is struggling to match its previous standards. Allegations of internal turmoil and strategic missteps raise concerns about the team’s ability to maintain its competitive edge in the highly demanding world of Formula 1.

As fans and experts debate the implications, one thing is clear: the pressure is on Toto Wolff and Co. to address these challenges swiftly and decisively. What will happen in the upcoming races? Will there be a confirmed Mercedes resurgence? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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