July 24, 2024
Phil Mickelson

Amidst all the tensions regarding LIV Golf’s position in the dynamic golf world, LIV golfers themselves show urgency in their circumstances. This is not quite about joining other leagues but about improving their own. The team, HyFlyer GC, has not won a single event so far in the league, but it wants to be ever improving. The team’s captain Phil Mickelson spilled the beans about his plans to do so.

The difference between a star and an unknown golfer is a matter of opportunity. And Mickelson is willing to keep that as an end goal while following and incorporating LIV’s new vision. If you are wondering what it is, Mickelson is planning to put forward the idea of having home courses for every team.

Why does Mickelson want individual team courses?
Phil Mickelson has left strong impressions on the golf world before, after all, he has won 45 titles on the PGA Tour, including 6 majors. However, with the power and money he has access to after joining the Saudi-backed league, Mickelson has been ever bolder with his ideas. Mickelson speaks as a player as well as a captain. He has well understood that there are several ambitious and skilled young golfers. However, their rise on the golf course is often missed because of a lack of infrastructure.

He stated in a LIV Golf Podcast when asked about what the future might look like for his squad, “The HyFlyers, as a team, what we want to do is create an opportunity for a lot of young players that don’t have access to that [World-class training facilities].”Mickelson reflected that he wishes to have custom-made games that will enable players to keep track of scores.

He also put forward his vision of implementing targets to make the players feel a little pressure, just like a real competition. Phil Mickelson further suggested that such type of instruction will be available at the bases which might promote small changes, but it will have a better impact in macro view. He confessed that every player should have the best physical training and therapy. as well along with the training.
Phil Mickelson
The captain announced, “To succeed, like, when they say it takes a team, like it really takes a lot of people to help you.” Mickelson shared that the LIV is exploring making a home base for every team. It will ultimately enable all the players to have unlimited access to practice and enhance their game. The golfer than shared that these places will allow everyone to get better, and this way, LIV could have an upper hand to sign them, but if these players would want to play for some other Tour, they could do that as well, only because they will be trained enough to do so!
But why does every team need to have a home base? Well, Mickelson has a good reason!

Will having a home course help LIV get better?
Phil Mickelson was asked whether HyFlyers GC can get transformed into a SoCal [Southern California] team by the On Course LIV Golf Analyst, Su-Ann Heng. In reply, the 54-year-old LIV golfer stated the possibilities of the same. Phil Mickelson showed team spirit and said that he wishes the team members to be in close association. He said, “For the team I think long-term it would be helpful if everybody live together, practice together, travel together. Would be logistically a lot easier rather than be all throughout.”

He further elaborated that teams having designated home bases will let fans feel closer to them. For instance, Cam Smith’s team, Ripper GC is an all-Australian squad, and having a facility dedicated to them would allow fans to keep a close tab on it. He agrees that the team requires a common course to improve themselves, but having a common residency for the sake of practice is still a far cry as it could take up a lot of time. Phil Mickelson gives a time frame of 10 years down the line.

Do you agree with the six-time Major winner when it comes to the improvement of the whole team and LIV Golf? Let us know in the comments below.

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