July 16, 2024
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has revealed the extent of his car damage following an incident with Sergio Perez during lap one of the Miami Grand Prix.
All the signs indicated another dominant weekend for the Dutchman, taking pole position in both the sprint and Grand Prix qualifying.

Max Verstappen won the sprint and looked likely to win Sunday’s race until he struck a bollard, prompting a Virtual Safety Car.
The Red Bull driver pitted at the end of lap 23 when the VSC had ended, concerned with his front wing although no damage was initially found.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen won the Miami sprint race

Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez locks up into Turn 1

Did Perez’s incident cause damage to Verstappen?
However, a full safety car afterwards saw Lando Norris take advantage to make his stop and come out ahead of Verstappen.

He held off the Dutch driver from the restart and maintained his lead to eventually win the race.

Max Verstappen’s struggles in the Turn 14/15 chicane were not the only incident he was involved in during the race.
During the opening lap, his teammate Sergio Perez locked up into Turn 1 colliding with Carlos Sainz and Verstappen.

Max Verstappen
Verstappen reveals damage to his diffuser

Although no harm was initially done, after the race Verstappen revealed the extent of the damage he suffered from the contact.

“Yeah, I was very aware. I mean, I turned in and I saw him lock up,” he said during the post-race press conference.

“And I looked after the race. There was like a scratch on my diffuser. So something must have hit.

“But yeah, it was very close. Could have ended in a disaster, of course, for the team as well. So yeah, lucky.”

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