July 16, 2024
Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic at a press conference in Indian Wells

Novak Djokovic has announced he has split with his long-time fitness coach Marco Panichi in the latest shake-up to his team.

The Serbian icon thanked Panichi for “all the energy, effort and time” the Italian invested in making him “the best possible player and person I can be.”

Djokovic’s fitness and physical durability have played a huge role in his unprecedented achievements, with the 36-year-old largely avoiding major injuries in his career.
Panichi, a former long jump athlete, joined Djokovic’s team in 2019 and has helped him enjoy a hugely fruitful spell in his thirties. Djokovic won 10 of his 24 Grand Slam titles with Panichi in his corner.

The news of Panichi’s departure comes after Djokovic parted ways with his long-time coach Goran Ivanisevic in late March.
In a post on his Instagram account, Djokovic paid tribute to Panichi as he revealed the pair’s partnership had come to an end.

“Grande Marco, what amazing years of collaboration we’ve had. We reached the summit, won titles, broken records,” Djokovic wrote.

“But most of all, I have enjoyed our most “ordinary” days of training in and out of the gym. Endless hours of “carciofini” and laughs that made me feel super motivated to prepare for success.

“Grazie Romanista (as Goran calls you) for all the energy, effort and time you invested in making me the best possible player and person I can be. Much love ❤️ and I will see you soon in Roma. Forzaaaa.”

During a masterclass held at the Oltrepò Tennis Academy in Codevilla in December, Panichi shed light on Djokovic’s physical capabilities.

“Nole is genetically a phenomenon. One capable of doing everything with simplicity and consistency, but also capable of doing things that others are prevented from doing. It can’t always be copied,” he explained, as per Italy24.press.

“He knows how far he can push himself and therefore has the experience to understand what his body is telling him. We support him by giving him the weapons to further develop these innate abilities.

“Nole is a demanding champion, he wants a lot from himself and consequently those around him must adapt to these ambitions. And to his motivation which is always very high, without suffering any drops.”
In November, Djokovic split with his agent and chief-of-staff Edoardo Artaldi and declared he was “entering a new chapter about the off-court approach.”

Known in the Djokovic team as ‘Dodi’, Artaldi had been Djokovic’s manager since after he won his maiden Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in 2008. The Italian and his partner Elena Cappellaro oversaw the huge operation that runs around the 24-time major champion.

“We stay friends but professionally we decided to go different ways. I’m entering a new chapter about the off-court approach. The transition is not easy but I’m moving forward,” Djokovic explained when addressing Artaldi’s departure during the 2023 Paris Masters.

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