June 21, 2024
Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is currently taking some time off from his tennis schedule. With a limited presence on the courts throughout the season, the Serb was seen enjoying several moments with his family. After facing a defeat against Casper Ruud in his last appearance at the Monte Carlo Masters, the fans kept wondering when would they spot their favorite star with a racquet in his hand. The Serb managed to fulfill their wish. Not on the courts but on the streets of Montenegro.

A video recently started to captivate the attention of fans on social media. Recorded on the streets of Montenegro, the video features a man dressed as a fisherman, surrounded by children and a huge crowd. However, as soon as the fisherman removed his mask, it turned out it was none other than the World No.1 Novak Djokovic. “What a memory for those kids” indeed.

The Serb made an attempt to camouflage himself and walk among the crowd to earn a lively experience. After revealing his identity, Djokovic was seen playing some shots on the streets with little kids who were there to see the millionaire fisherman. The video not only refreshed the memories of the fans who were waiting to spot the Serb but also showed a completely different side of him.

This happened during the Serb’s vocational stop in Montenegro. Looking at the Serb’s preferences, the place has always been a source to “recharge his batteries” whenever he is gearing up to be a part of any crucial tournament. As the Serb continues to enjoy his time in Europe with such acts, his next appearance on the court is yet to be determined.

Novak Djokovic poses for selfies with the people of Tivat
Besides taking time to surprise the kids, Novak Djokovic also made sure that he had enough time for his adult fans. Soon after the tennis star was done with training sessions for the kids, he was surrounded by his fans, urging him to get the moment captured.

Revealing his humble side, the Serb agreed and therefore was seen clicking pictures with the people of Tivat as he proudly celebrated their tradition. This gesture from Djokovic was recorded as another moment that solidified his image as the best, not only in the world of tennis but also for his fans across the globe.

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