June 14, 2024

“It’s really special to come back and be able to do something for the community that did a lot for me,” said the world No. 3.
Before the Miami Open began in earnest, Coco Gauff came full-circle as she returned to her childhood tennis courts in order to give back to her community.

The 20-year-old recently paid a visit to Pompey Park, where she joined the USTA and city leaders to unveil newly refurbished public tennis courts and host a tennis clinic for kids from the Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation.

“I strongly believe that tennis can continue to become a more accessible sport, and I would like to thank the USTA for continuing to commit to do so,” said Gauff at the event. “Investing in public parks and in our youth is very important.

“I had a huge dream and this city, my family, my community supported that, and now I’m in the position to help maybe spark that dream in another kid.”

Coco Gauff at Pompey Park, with a sign commemorating that the courts were refurbished in honor of her 2023 US Open victory.

Born in Atlanta and raised in South Florida, Pompey Park continues to hold a special place in Gauff’s heart. When it was time to design her first shoe with New Balance, the Coco CG1s, American paid tribute to Pompey Park by etching its coordinates along the left sole.

“It’s been on my shoes since the (Coco) CG1 launched, so it’s really special to come back and be able to do something for the community that did a lot for me,” Gauff told press in Miami.

Gauff included the coordinates to Pompey Park on the sole of her New Balance Coco CG1 shoes.

It’s one of several personal details on her signature shoe, which also features her father’s inspiring phrase: “You can change the world with your racquet.” Indeed, thanks to Gauff’s 2023 US Open victory, she’s now been able to transform her childhood courts and pay it forward for the next generation of future tennis stars.

The refurbishing of Pompey Park is the first in a series of tennis court renovations planned throughout the country as a part of the US Open Legacy Initiative, launched in honor of Gauff’s maiden Grand Slam victory. The initiative is a part of the USTA’s overall efforts to support and improve tennis infrastructure, led by the association’s Tennis Venture Services (TVS).

Gauff holds a clinic on the newly resurfaced courts at Pompey Park in nearby Delray Beach.

Since 2005, the USTA has awarded more than $17 million in TVS grants, an initiative that has benefitted 43,000 tennis courts and impacted more than $610 million of infrastructure development.

“All of us involved in tennis are aware of our sport’s life-enhancing benefits, and we are committed to protecting courts and partnering with others to spur new facility development which will ensure more access for more people in more communities,” said Dr. Brian Hainline, Chairman of the Board and President of the USTA.

“The US Open is the economic driver that allows us to invest in tennis’ grass roots, so linking the US Open with this powerful and impactful initiative is an altogether fitting way to complete the circle for the good of the game.”

In addition to specific projects selected by Gauff, like Pompey Park, the US Open Legacy Initiative also pledges to support any project that involves resurfacing public courts that meet the USTA’s TVS grant criteria.

All completed projects will also receive a sign that commemorates that they were refurbished in honor of Gauff’s US Open victory.

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