July 16, 2024
Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate MiddletonLAPRESSE

Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate, have been embroiled in a long-standing feud with his uncle, Prince Andrew. This discord dates back nearly two decades, beginning when Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family and was reportedly met with hostility from Andrew.

Despite Prince Andrew’s initial coldness, Middleton has repeatedly demonstrated her worth within the royal family, challenging Andrew’s negative expectations.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew has spent the last twenty years entangled in a series of scandals, including his notorious connection to Jeffrey Epstein, which has marred his reputation and brought shame to the royals.

Recently, the tension between the Waleses and Prince Andrew escalated further. Reports have surfaced that King Charles III is not alone in wanting Andrew out of the Royal Lodge.

“William has long held a grudge against Andrew for being unwelcoming when he first introduced the then Kate Middleton to the Royal Family and feels that his father has been too soft on him,” Daily Mail columnist Richard Kay noted.

Since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles has sought to lessen the financial strain of maintaining royal properties, including the Royal Lodge, which requires significant and costly repairs that Andrew cannot afford.

Willing to move to Royal Lodge
New revelations suggest that Prince William and Princess Kate are equally committed to seeing Prince Andrew vacate the Royal Lodge, as they believe that moving to there would offer them the space and support they need, particularly for Kate’s health requirements.

Royal expert Tom Quinn shared with The Mirror that it would be in the best interest of the monarchy for King Charles and Prince William to evict Prince Andrew from the Royal Lodge, providing a more suitable residence for the future king and his family.

“It sends [a] message to Andrew that having disgraced himself, he can no longer expect to live in the grand style,” he told The Mirror.

“And, finally, it means that a suitably grand residence can be made ready for the royals who really matter – William and Kate. Charles is determined that Royal Lodge is the only residence on the royal estate at Windsor that is big enough and regal enough for his heir.”

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