July 24, 2024
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is reportedly feeling incredibly heartbroken over Prince George
Kate Middleton has reportedly decided to give into Prince William’s desires for Prince Geroge, despite being utterly heartbroken over everything.

Insights into the couple’s plans for the future have been shared by an inside source that is well placed within the Palace.

They broke everything down during a candid interview with InTouch Weekly.

According to this insider, “Kate long disagreed with her husband about sending him away, even though it’s tradition.”

This is because “Kate thinks sending him to such a stuffy, upper-crust institution goes against all of their efforts to modernise the monarchy.

Not to mention, one of the bigger reasons is also that “she’ll miss George desperately.”

Up until this point “She and William argued about it for years, but he has finally won,” the insider later admitted.

However, at the same time “she’s still heartbroken” as well.

This is because “she was horribly bullied at her first boarding school, and can’t bear the thought of George suffering through that.”

For those unversed, the boarding school starts admitting students from the age of 13, and at 10, the future King of England still has a few years left before he begins.

Yet, to Kate Middleton “it still seems as if her family is being torn apart. There’s also the worry that William will insist the other two kids be shipped off next. Kate knows this is all part of her ‘royal duty’.”

For those unversed, Prince William has also attended the Berkshire back in 1995, and stayed there during term time, only spending weekends with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, as it was nearby.

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