July 16, 2024
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Prince Harry receives major blow from Prince William after King Charles' snub

Prince Harry receives major blow from Prince William after King Charles’ snub
Prince Harry has reportedly received a major blow from his elder brother Prince William as the future King spoiled Harry’s alleged plan to meet Princess Kate and children

The Prince of Wales has warned the Duke of Sussex to stay away from Kate and their three children, allegedly telling Harry: “You’re Not Welcome.”
Harry, who’s attending the 10th anniversary of the Invictus in the UK, has suffered another blow in the UK after King Charles’s decision to not meet him.

The heir to the throne has not allowed Harry to see his wife Kate and their three kids as he believes a visit from the Duke could add to the future King’s worries.

A royal insider, according to the Mirror, told entertainment news outlet: “They have so much to focus on, her treatment, the children, even the King’s health, so he’s not letting Kate expend any more energy on Harry.”

The source went on: “He [William] will never forgive Harry for everything he has said about Kate, especially in his memoir, when she simply adored him.

“William can’t handle seeing her in any further pain.”

there were speculations and rumours that Harry might visit cancer-stricken Princess Kate while in London. However, William, who has been under tremendous strain for the past few months, stopped Harry’s bid to meet the Waleses.

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