June 20, 2024
Kate Middleton

Despite her treatment, she is keeping herself involved with her three kids, the report said.

The 42-year-old has been away from public life since mid-March when she revealed she was in the “early stages” of preventative chemotherapy treatments.
A little over a week ago it was reported that Princess of Wales Kate Middleton won’t be seen in public for the rest of 2024. And now a fresh report in a New York-based magazine has claimed that the 42-year-old may never come back “in the role that people saw her in before”.

Citing an insider, the US Weekly reported that Kate’s team was currently re-evaluating what she may take on after her cancer treatment.

Kate has remained out of the public eye for months due to her cancer treatment.
Despite her treatment, she is keeping herself involved with her three kids, the report said. “Kate’s feeling strong enough to be very involved with the kids. She’s been an active parent,” it quoted the insider as saying.

Another source told the publication that her recovery was going well, but the question about her return to royal duties remained in the air. The Princess is seeing many people, for she is susceptible to getting sick, and they don’t want her compromised, the second source told the magazine.

Earlier reports said that she wouldn’t resume work until the fall or even next year, the palace claimed that she would return to duties once doctors allow her.

We have been clear that Kate needs the space and the privacy to recover right now, the Palace said, adding she will return to work when she has the green light from doctors.

Last month, The Daily Beast reported, citing a source, that Kate would not appear in public for the rest of 2024.
The report, quoting sources, claimed the Princess of Wales is surrounded by her family as she undergoes cancer treatment.

The source said: “I am told that Kate’s diary for this year is empty. There is nothing planned. She may not appear in public for the rest of the year,” the source added.

In a March 22 video statement, Kate announced her cancer diagnosis, adding that initially her condition was believed to be non-cancerous. However, following a successful abdominal surgery in January, subsequent tests on her revealed she had cancer.

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