July 22, 2024
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and Prince William(Instagram/@princeandprincessofwales)

Kate Middleton’s cancer recovery progressing, limiting interactions due to susceptibility to illness. Meanwhile, a Royal Family insider has revealed shocking details about the Princess of Wales’ comeback to public duties.
Kate Middleton, during her cancer recovery, is staying at home for chemotherapy treatment. She will appear in public only when her doctors say it’s okay. Right now, the Princess of Wales’ main goal is to stay away from stress and anxiety.

However, the princess might be seen in public on June 15. She is expected to appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony during the Trooping the Colour ceremony. This is surprising because it was previously announced that her cancer treatment would prevent her from attending any public events in 2024.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly has reported that Kate’s role may change even if she returns to public duties. Kate’s team is “reevaluating what she’s going to be able to take on when she comes back”, a Royal Family source told the publication.

“She may never come back in the role that people saw her in before,” the source added.
This came after a spokesman from Kensington Palace quickly stated earlier that there was no update about when Kate would return to work.

“We have been really clear that (Kate) needs the space and the privacy to recover right now. She will return to work when she has had the green light from doctors,” the Palace said.

Kate Middleton’s cancer
Royal Family enthusiasts have been curious about Kate Middleton’s cancer recovery.
“Kate’s recovery is going well. She’s not able to see many people because she is susceptible to getting sick and they don’t want her compromised, but she’s up and about,” a source told the publication.

According to an insider, Kate feels strong and is actively involved with her children. She has been seen doing errands alone and with family.

Prince William is facing a difficult time because both his father, King Charles, and his wife, Kate Middleton, are dealing with cancer. William has put other responsibilities on hold to take care of his wife and their young children.

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