June 21, 2024
Kate Middleton

A new portrait of the Princess of Wales is continuing to cause controversy after some criticised the work upon its release for looking nothing like her.

The painting, by British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor, features on the forthcoming edition of Tatler magazine and was created in honour of the Princess’s “courage and dignity” when announcing her cancer diagnosis.
Other criticisms include claims that the painting does not do the princess justice, with some commentators believing that a true likeness could not be captured in a portrait that the princess did not sit for.

The debate comes after the royal family postponed engagements that “may appear to divert attention or distract from the election campaign” after Rishi Sunak called a surprise summer general election.

Buckingham Palace said the King and Queen sent their “sincere apologies” to those affected, after Charles agreed on Wednesday to the Prime Minister’s request to dissolve Parliament for an election – for the first time in his reign.

He opted to stay in a hotel where he “could come and go unseen”.

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