July 22, 2024
Serena Williams

Serena Williams’ name has become synonymous with greatness, with trailblazing, with realizing ambition. But the former tennis star is also human, as proven by a recent procedure she underwent on a friend’s recommendation.

Williams, who raked in more than $90 million in prize money during her illustrious tennis career, has more recently turned her attention toward her family and raising her two young children. Naturally, having kids changed Williams’ body, and she has since undergone radio-frequency skin-tightening treatments to address belly fat. Yet despite her honesty amid posting a behind-the-scenes look at the procedure on Instagram, Williams’ fans have expressed concern over how the 42-year-old is treating her body.
Serena Williams

Fans sound off on Serena’s procedure
Williams boasts more than 17 million followers on Instagram, and some of them have urged the 23-time Grand Slam tournament winner to love her body and its “imperfections” instead of continuing this treatment.

Even though Williams wrote last week that she will “always love (her) birthing scars,” some fans want the Williams to embrace her body’s changes and the “mommy curves” that developed after the four-time Olympic gold medallist gave birth to six-year-old daughter Olympia and 10-month-old daughter Adira. Olympia was delivered via a C-section, which caused scarring on Williams’ abdomen.
Serena Williams

Just by virture of having so many followers and admirers, Williams understands she will never be able to win over every fan. And she is used to criticism about her looks — fans have speculated that Williams had her skin lightened amid recent public appearances, and she dealt with racism throughout her tennis career. But away from the court, losing weight and tweaking her appearance is now her priority, as she believes taking care of herself will help her take better care of her kids.

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