June 21, 2024
Serena Williams

Serena Williams on the court was an aura in itself! And watching the 23-time Grand Slam champion play and win was a cherry on top feeling. However, she retired back in 2022, after playing the US Open. Even though it has been almost a year since the last tournament she played, tennis fans recently recalled and looked back on the amazing match she won against Anett Kontaveit.

However, at that time, while the stadium was jam-packed, a lot of fans who were present to watch Williams play reacted to that amazing moment as they reminisced about their initial reaction from that day at the US Open.

Tennis fans look back to Serena Williams’ US Open match reactions
Even though it has been more than 15 months since the former world number one has stopped playing tennis on the professional tour, every now and then fans never leave an opportunity to look back and cherish the moments that she had on the court. Recently, shared a video of the American tennis legend playing after winning the second round of the 2022 US Open against Anett Kontaveit.

Not only did the tennis fan recall Williams’ match, but she was also present in the stadium to witness it live. Looking into the way she was sharing her memory, a lot of tennis fans came forward and shared their thoughts on their present during the same time while highlighting different aspects of the game and missing the 42-year-old.

A fan highlighted how his eyes were glued to the big screen behind Williams, where her tennis journey was displayed.

On the other hand, another one pointed out how he was right there in the stadium, watching the amazing moment.

Subsequently, while it was a match that she won, a fan shared his initial thoughts of wanting Williams to win.

Another span also highlighted how even though it was the best decision for her, he, as a fan, is crying in his room.

Lastly, a fan shared every Williams fan feeling as he detailed how seeing the 23-time Grand Slam Champion twirl made everyone emotional.

Not only that, even after winning the second round, she talked about the crowd and the support they gave her throughout the match.

Serena Williams appreciates the US Open crowd
After playing her final match in the third round of the tournament and facing defeat, the former world number one ended her career in front of her home crowd. In one of the interviews from the tournament, she opened up about her connection and love with the crowd.

She said, “It’s no rush here. I’m loving this crowd. There’s still a little left in me. We’ll see. I’m a pretty good player, this is what I do best. I love a challenge and I’m rising to the challenge.” Along with that, while she knew that something was left in her, she chose to walk away, at the right time, from the tennis arena.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on the crowd’s roaring reaction to Williams’ victory? Let us know in the comment section below.

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