June 14, 2024
Serena Williams

when the arms and beauty are both a flex, Serena Williams knows how to work it. She’s got that special knack for shining bright, especially after doing some pushups before a night out. For Williams, getting ready isn’t just about slapping on some makeup and calling it good. She’s all about sculpting her body before slipping into her dress and heels, ready to turn heads wherever she goes.

Nowhere was this more evident than in Serena’s routine to get ready for the 2024 Met Gala in New York City. The former world No. 1 in women’s tennis, one of the greatest ever to play the sport, shared how she prepared for the event through her makeup brand, Wyn, in posts uploaded to Instagram — showing that Williams’ dedication to her craft will always extend far beyond a court.

Push-ups and strong brows
Before she even thought about doing makeup and picking out her dress for this special occasion, Williams went back to basics. In a video uploaded to Instagram Stories, the 23-time Grand Slam title winner did a series of push-ups to get her mind and her body in sync.

Inside and now outside the courts, Serena has always opted for personal care and the strength that comes with self-expression through beauty. So, she always knows how to combine a good look, a great figure, and flawless makeup.

Since her early days playing tennis with her sister Venus, Serena has known how to set trends, and the world has seen her different sides over time — from wearing prints on her uniforms to her famous braided hair. Williams has shown that beauty is dynamic and makes sure to make a statement even without words — only some push-ups.

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