June 21, 2024
Serena Williams

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, recently reacted to Caitlin Clark’s Saturday Night Live debut where she took down comedian Michael Che.

Clark, widely regarded as a generational basketball player, recently appeared on Saturday Night Live’s ‘Weekend Update’, hosted by comedians Michael Che and Colin Jost.

In this segment, Che and Jost swap jokes with each other and read them out to the world without any information about the joke before. It is made to seem as if the joke is made by the one telling them.

Michael Che frequently cracks jokes about women’s basketball, which are given to him by Colin, and after cracking yet another joke on Clark, where he said that the University of Iowa was retiring the 22-year-old’s jersey and replacing it with an apron, the Iowa Hawkeyes star was introduced by Che himself as she came on the segment to take revenge on the 40-year-old comedian.

After being called out by Clark for making several jokes about women’s sports, Che disagreed with the basketball star but was quickly interrupted by Jost who showed a compilation of Che’s jokes related to women’s basketball, which put the 40-year-old in an awkward position.

Caitlin Clark then made Michael Che a series of jokes written by her that made fun of the comedian and later gave an apron to him signed by her. Clark ended the segment by thanking the legends of women’s basketball for laying the foundation for today’s generation.

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian hailed Clark for taking Che down hilariously on his Instagram where he shared some clips from the segment.

“@caitlinclark22 absolutely nailed it. 10/10 no notes. Star!,” Ohanian wrote.

“I’ve told Caitlin Clark to save & label all her gear post-match” – Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian expresses delight over $150,000 bid for Iowa Hawkeyes star’s jersey

Serena Williams'
The Women’s Sports Foundation’s 2022 Annual Salute To Women In Sports Gala

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian, who is a huge advocate for women’s sports, recently expressed delight after a collector of game-worn jerseys took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce a 150,000$ bid for Caitlin Clark jersey from this jersey.

Ohanian tweeted that he was happy that the game-worn community was finally appreciating the value of women’s sports. He also said that he had advised Clark for over a year to save and label all her gear post-match stating that the 22-year-old knew the value as should all the athletes and keep their gear.

“While I think this is a great moment for game-worn community finally starting to recognize the value of women’s sports, I’ve told @CaitlinClark22 for over a year now to save & label all her own gear post-match. She knows the value — as should all athletes — and should keep it.”

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