June 20, 2024
Serena Williams

Serena Williams and Nike have long been synonymous. The tennis star, besides a bucket full of collaborations in her portfolio, has been an inspirational figure to drive the sporting fans’ attention. Every time she drops an update about the release of new articles crafted by the Serena Williams Design Crew, new highlights are created on social media. However this time, her husband also couldn’t stop himself from being attracted to the adorable update.

Recently, the tennis legend uploaded a new post on Instagram in which she can be seen flaunting the newest additions to her collaboration with Nike. Along with the pictures of her wearing the pink athleisure, she also captioned the post, saying, “I started Serena Williams Design Crew (SWDC) to bring diverse designers to Nike. This is their latest collection from Los Angeles designers. I am obsessed!” One of the pictures showed the tennis star leaning against a small pink hose, standing on the porch.

Adding a touch of sweetness to the attire created by the excellent designers from LA, Alexis Ohanian, Serena’s husband and co-founder of Reddit, made his way into the post with a heartwarming comment. “The little pink house!” he wrote, showing his admiration for Serena’s attire along with adding another definition to their adorable chemistry.

Williams’ connection with Nike runs deep, as she has been consistently coming up with several collections in partnership with the sportswear giant. Through SWDC, she continues her collaboration closely with Nike’s design team, making sure her ideas translate into innovative and inspiring athletic gear.

As Alexis drops the loving comment on her Instagram post, it not only highlights Serena Williams’ ongoing influence in the fashion world but also adds another example of their cheeky love chronicles!

A mutual exchange of loving comments between Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian
It isn’t just Alexis Ohanian who found his way into Serena Williams’ comment section. Just a few days ago when Alexis’ company Reddit attained a remarkable feat by launching its IPO, the WTA legend couldn’t contain her emotions and therefore let it out with an adorable comment on social media.

“In 2005 @alexisohanian had an idea to start an online community. That idea became Reddit and today is its IPO,” she wrote, acknowledging the value of the achievement. Along with that, she also expressed pride on her husband, saying, “Alexis I am so proud of you as a business man, My man and a dad. Congrats on your IPO! It’s crazy to know you have even bigger things you are doing ! 😍😍”

As the fans’ favorite couple continues to exchange love with unique ideas of comments, their chemistry remains an aspect that the fans enjoy and adore.

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