July 16, 2024
Serena Williams

Serena Williams’ beauty product line WYN BEAUTY is a hit among celebrities, and the latest to give her validation is CBS News anchor Gayle King. Gayle King, who has been an author and a broadcast journalist for CBS News for more than 4 decades now, recently took to Instagram and shared her experience with WYN BEAUTY products.

On her Instagram story, King was getting ready before appearing for her show. She was applying makeup on her face with a concealer from the beauty line.

“We are going to use this concealer and it is the number 300. The applicator’s pretty cool too. Gives you a nice amount of color off of one application,” said the make-up artist for Gayle King.


King is 69 years old and absolutely a fan of the WYN products. She has previously used them and is proud to support her friend Serena Williams’ business venture.

King was also on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, which went viral. Therefore, she has to take constant care of her skin routine, and WYN products are what she falls back on.

But it isn’t just King who loves using the WYN product line. Other celebrities like Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid are also fans of the product. They are all blessed to have a friend in Serena Williams, especially King who has interviewed her previously as well.

How Did Gayle King and Serena Williams Build Their Friendship?
In May 2024, King interviewed Williams about her beauty product line WYN. She was delighted at the prospect and called the product a ‘WYN-ER’, with a tongue-in-cheek description. Williams explained the importance of makeup to King, and how she learnt to do her makeup owing to the pressures of showing up for events worldwide.

King also previously interviewed Williams on a few occasions, the most notable of them was in 2017. In 2017, King interviewed Williams about tennis, motherhood, and love, as part of Ted Talks. In 2022, when Williams retired, King considered herself proud to be her friend and called the tennis legend ‘One in One’.

The tennis legend has always returned the favor by visiting the sets of her show many times and discussing what life’s been like for her since. The duo continues to maintain their proud friendship.

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