June 14, 2024
Simona Halep


Simona Halep (32 years old) has „90% chances” to fulfill her big dream in 2024, after receiving the green light from the CAS to return to the tennis court.

The President of the Romanian Tennis Federation, George Cosac, announced on Wednesday that efforts have begun for Simona Halep to receive a wildcard entry to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. He explained how this is possible and why Simona has great chances to participate in the Olympics, even though she does not have a ranking and did not participate in Romania’s Billie Jean King Cup team actions in 2024.

Upon learning that she can return to the court, Simona Halep set her sights on the number 1 goal of participating in the Paris Olympics.

„To reach the Olympics, you need to be part of the Billie Jean King Cup team twice in an Olympic cycle. This is not her case, as she was suspended and did not play, and now she is injured. The line is drawn in the rankings at 59, but the competition draw consists of 64 players. From 59 to 64, there are some wildcards, some exemptions that can be granted to athletes with outstanding performances or athletes from the host country.

Considering that Simona was a former WTA number 1, a Roland Garros winner, and given that Roland Garros is being played, I believe she has very good chances of being accepted and competing against those players.

Each participating country has the right to enter with four athletes. However, there are countries like the United States, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, China, which have more than four female athletes in the top 60. Basically, this line widens. And under these conditions, it will be unlikely for Simona to have the necessary ranking in the short time left until the Olympics. That’s why we have started the process with her representative and with the president of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR), Mihai Covaliu, to obtain a wildcard for Simona at the Paris Olympics.

We hope, I believe she has a 90% chance of receiving this wildcard. Why? She was the world number 1, a Grand Slam winner, even in Paris, and the fact that she was treated unfairly. These are arguments that stand in the face of any other counterarguments,” stated George Cosac, according to AS.ro.

Simona Halep played her first official tennis match after her doping suspension at the Miami Open on March 19, 2024, where she was defeated by Paula Badosa in the first round.

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