July 16, 2024


“I’m going to prove you wrong. I’m going to show you. I’ll do it”: that was Cecile’s reaction in 2004 while she was leaving her country, France. Now, 20 years later, she may boast of having pupils like Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles who earned her big, including Olympic and world titles.

But all this happened because she decided to shift to the USA, leaving her coaching job at the French National Training Center. Eventually, in the USA, she received many factors that helped her to earn success and throw a rebuttal to all those who had doubted her ability in her native land.

In her conversation with the Olympics. com, Cecile Canqueteau (now Cecile Canqueteau-Landi) went down memory lane, expressing her early-age circumstances. Incidentally, her story didn’t start with a fairy tale. In 2004, the Olympian was ready to shift to the USA, looking for a better opportunity. But her boss didn’t support her. In Cecile’s language, her French boss flouted her chance to make more success in the USA. “…they told me I was going to fail. I was not going to make it. I was going to come back crying and asking for my job back”, she claimed. But here she is now!
Simone BILES

The mentor has already etched her name in the Hall of Fame section of USA Gymnastics. This title came as an acknowledgment of her contribution to elite gymnastics, which included more than 11 protégés. However, this success story starts with a nice bond, far before her endeavor at the World Champions Center in Texas.

After leaving France, Cecile Landi landed in Oklahoma hoping to coach American gymnasts. The hope became reality after she paired with boyfriend(now husband) Laurent Landi. The couple moved to Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy later. But they tasted their first success in the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Texas. In WOGA, Cecile trained spearheads like Alyssa Brauman and Katelyn Ohashi.


The other US National team member, Madison Kocian, was also on that list. For Cecile and Laurent, the path-breaking moment came in 2017 after receiving the reins of WCC. There, they were appointed as Simone Biles’ coaches. The rest is history or a fitting reply to all her doubters! In WCC, Cecile Landi took a firm stand on the question of mental health.

Furthermore, she allowed the trainee gymnasts the required space that let them grow. Such a positive vibe resulted in two Olympic team silver medals, three world team medals, and 12 Olympic and World individual laurels. Simone Biles’ much-discussed return in the 2023 Core Hydration Classic also came during Cecile Landi’s tenure. Now, the Hall of Famer is eyeing to pen her success story further.

Simone Biles has to say goodbye with a heavy heart
After serving the WCC for seven years, Cecile Landi is on the move now, to the Georgia GymDogs. Here as well, she defeated some big names on the way to take up the job. But with that, the phenomenal pairing between her and Simone Biles will also go to an end. Biles congratulated Cecile, whom she thinks of “deserving person” to take up the role. Georgia GymDogs have been away from winning their national title for quite some time. So what forced her to accept this challenge?

Again Cecile Landi’s resilience takes the front seat. In her conversation with the Olympics.com, she said, “just don’t be afraid. People are going to tell you, ‘No’. People will tell you can’t do it, it’s just keep pushing yourself. Do what you believe you can and you’ll make it happen.” Landi’s words underscore the importance of resilience and self-belief in the face of doubters when pursuing one’s dreams and goals.

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