July 24, 2024

Olympic Gold gymnast Simone Biles and NFL player Jonathan Owens are public figures, and their relationship garners frequent attention. Married in 2023 during Biles’ hiatus from gymnastics, the couple has openly shared their affection for each other. Biles once declared she would marry Owens “a million times over”. However, recent remarks by Owens on a podcast have raised eyebrows. He claimed not to recognize Biles when they connected on the exclusive dating app Raya.

The couple’s marriage was thrust into a media trial ever since, sparking widespread opinions and speculations. However, the gymnast, victorious at the Core Hydration Classics, found an unexpected ally in a well-known figure in the gymnastics world. She is known for her candid commentary on trending topics and also took a stand in support of Biles. This highlights the challenges athletes face in balancing public scrutiny, personal relationships, and fame.

US gymnastics legend condemns online trolling directed at Simone Biles’ husband
Recently Shawn and Andrew Johnson discussed Simone Biles’ husband Jonathan Owens and the controversy surrounding the couple’s marriage on their YouTube channel ‘FamilyMade Media’. Shawn Johnson mentioned how just two days after the Core Hydration Classics, Simone Biles took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the blatant disrespect towards JO after his comments on The Pivot podcast where he called himself “the catch” in the relationship.

Johnson said Biles even threatened to block anyone posting rude comments, adding, “People for some reason feel really compelled to tear their relationship apart.”

Johnson continued stating she is in support of Simone coming to her husband’s rescue, saying, “I want to stand with Simone and be like back off that is not your marriage and social media can tear people down so easily and the fact that people are feeling like it’s okay for them to inject themselves within their marriage I think is wild”. The visual artist even emphasized the importance of standing up for yourself and addressing online trolling. Shawn Johnson explained how social media shows only a millisecond of a lifetime. Therefore, fans should take everything on there with a pinch of salt. Some fans may doubt Jonathan Owens matches Simone Biles’ stature, but the couple remains unwaveringly committed to each other.

A prominent figure in the gymnastics community remarked on their relationship, stating, “They have chosen each other, they are each other’s people. They have gotten married. It is in no way, shape, or form appropriate for the world of outsiders to be judging that.” She further expressed her sentiment, adding, “The thought makes me sad.” Fans know her as an athlete but they don’t know her as a person and as such don’t have the details of their life. Johnson went on to describe how disheartening it is to watch something as good as a loving marriage being torn on national television. Shawn’s husband, Andrew, suggested that the media might target Simone’s marriage because of her success as an athlete. He noted that her fabulous performances could be a reason for this scrutiny.

Shawn Johnson sighed morosely, expressing her sadness over the situation. She emphasized that fans should focus on Jonathan Owens’ unwavering support for Simone Biles. Johnson pointed out, “There is an excited, happy, loving husband sitting front row at his wife’s competition, clapping, cheering, yelling,” and added, “Yeah, it’s amazing”. Despite the backlash, Owens consistently demonstrates his commitment and enthusiasm for Biles’ career, attending her competitions and cheering her on from the sidelines. Shawn Johnson and her husband agreed with Biles, urging fans to respect her relationship with Owens.

Simone Biles stands up for husband, amid public criticism
Online trolling often thrusts athletes into a negative spotlight. However Simone Biles is not ready to be a victim. She shared a sweet picture with JO on her Instagram and captioned it, “I’m going to address it real quick. The joke was never a joke”, alluding to the multitude of people throwing digs at Owens. On a Spotify podcast, ‘Call Her Daddy’ she explained how Owens’ comments had nothing to do with her. Biles praised Owens, labeling him a catch and remarking that she has never encountered anyone like him before.
simone biles
Though Biles initially thought the criticism was “hilarious,” after seeing the nasty comments towards her husband, it “hurt” her feelings and led her to “break down”. Biles has always mentioned how her husband is one of the sweetest guys and would do anything for anybody. When Biles faced criticism for supporting Owens, he stood beside her saying, “being fake mad about people y’all don’t know from a can of paint is weirdo behavior”. The couple continue to go strong and have professed on Instagram that they are locked in for life.

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