June 20, 2024

America’s favorite couple Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens just love to pamper each other, making their fans swoon at their chemistry. Even when things don’t go according to the plans, Biles and her man never fail to stand in each other’s corner to help them across the troubled waters.

With the former Green Bay Packers star signing up with the Chicago Bears this season, Biles took to social media to exert her happiness over the prospect of being able to meet each other more frequently. However, with the Olympics only five months away both the stars’ commitment to their respective teams is still making things difficult.

Jonathan Owens spoils Simone Biles every time
In her recent Instagram story, Biles shared her husband’s romantic side with an emotional note. “What did I do to deserve this man“, reads the caption of the post with a teary-looking emoji that perfectly captures the feelings of a surprised wife. The accompanying image shows a note from Owens along with two green Gucci packages. “Was in the neighborhood so I got you something I thought you’d like“, the note can be observed to read. “I love you so much. JO“, the NFL star didn’t forget to mention in his note either.

After Jonathan decided to leave the Wisconsin team after only one year, Biles failed to hold back on her excitement of being able to visit Illinois more easily. While some fans urged her to tone down on the celebrations, Biles refused to be swamped by the negativities. And from the looks of it, their bond has gotten only stronger than ever.

While the two are still finding it difficult to spend a lot of time together, their meetings on the go continue to come bearing unexpected gifts making each other’s day. With the duo having a major project in their hands such fleeting moments will only help them to stay motivated with eyes on the prize.

Over the last few months, Biles has been steady in sharing the progress of her lavish new mansion. In February, Biles shared snippets of how the interiors of their home in Houston were coming along adorned with stone and timber. In the recent series of IG stories, Biles also shared more work getting done on the house as she can be seen sorting through materials to find just the things she needs. With meticulous attention to detail, Simone Biles is leaving no stone unturned in crafting her dream home, ensuring every aspect of their home reflects her personal style and taste.

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