June 14, 2024
Simone Biles

Simone Biles has proved to the world why she is a true champion. Coming back from her break, Biles has been at the peak of form. However, just a couple of years back, things did not look rosy for Biles. Trying to win herself another Olympic gold accolade, Simone Biles received the shock of her life. While in mid-air during one of her routines, Biles lost the perception of where the land was. She later announced her condition as ‘twisties’ that created ripples in the gymnastics realm.

Subsequently, Biles had to pull out of the competition, sacrificing her dreams for Tokyo. A long period of grinding rehab process followed. Under the strict guidance of Beth Riemersma, Biles slowly but surely got her footing back. And now, gaining an able ally in Brody Malone, Biles has her decision of withdrawal justified.

Brody Malone believes that Simone Biles’ withdrawal was justified.
Brody Malone is currently the hot topic in US gymnastics. After coming back from his injury, Malone has been unstoppable. His recent 85.95 on the first night of the US gymnastics championships has made his fans go crazy. However, taking a step aside from his on-field action, Malone recently spoke about another legendary US gymnast-Simone Biles.

Speaking on the EP338 DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK | BRODY MALONE | FORMER WORLD CHAMPION AND TEAM USA OLYMPIC GYMNAST podcast, Malone stated that he supported Biles’ decision to pull out midway. While this decision was largely criticized, Malone thought otherwise.

He stated, “Yeah. She was getting lost in the air. And then when she did the same thing in the competition, I was like, okay, that kind of solidifies it. She definitely is, is a little bit lost. She’s got the twisties. So taking herself out at that moment I think was probably the right thing to do for her team.”

Malone justified his statement by pointing out that continuing with such complications would result in serious injuries. He also opined that not being 100% fit is something that would harm her team negatively as well. While she has received significant support, Biles has already chalked her redemption plan, it seems.

Biles’ stupendous comeback
Simone Biles made her comeback to competitive gymnastics last year at the World Championships in Belgium. Displaying spectacular routines, Biles clinched four gold medals to establish her reign of dominance over the others. Opening her season this year, Simone Biles won the Core Hydration Classics as well to give out a powerful statement ahead of the upcoming Olympics.

Biles, looking to grab all the limelight in Paris, is training hard for her dreams. Meanwhile, her main aim will be to wipe the nightmarish memories of Tokyo off her ledger. Speaking with Olympics.com in 2023, Biles opened up about her approach going forward. She said, “I think I have to take care of myself a little bit more and listen to my body and making sure that I’m making time for the important things in my life rather than before.” Thus, with things looking bright, it remains to be seen how Simone Biles delivers on her D-day.

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