June 20, 2024
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ ankle is not looking good lately with The Masters in sight
Despite Tiger Woods’ attempts to return to his best form in recent years, the reality is that he really struggles with multiple types of physical pains or problems. Right now, the Masters is starting next week and Tiger’s participation is suddenly in question due to a new injury. the legendary golfer has been suffering from a plantar fascitis injury that has kept him away from the game for a while. In 2023, Woods only completed a total of 43 holes during last-years tournament. The Augusta National is one of the most complicated golf courses in the world with a grueling walk from all accounts. Amid his ongoing issues, there is a possibility Tiger Woods doesn’t even make it to this tournament.

Folks with low mobility or physical issues that affects their walking are the ones who struggle the most in Augusta. Currently, reports confirmed that Tiger Woods has absolutely no mobility in one of his ankles. With that problem in mind, there is a good chance Tiger will have to wait for next week to see if the pain is no longer there. No announcement has come from the golf legend about this yet. The Masters has a whopping 72 holes, which mans he will have to prepare himself for next week. Woods has Augusta as the next tournament on his schedule but we still have to hear from him directly. He is supposed to speak to the media later on Friday.

Tiger Woods’ close friend thinks he will miss the tournament
Woods’ friend Notah Begay III said this in a conference call: “He’s trying to formulate a strategy and approach that he can work within given the constraints that he’s presented with. And he’s got some constraints. He’s got zero mobility in that left ankle and really has low-back challenges now, which he knew he was going to have. For the past couple months, he’s been trying to find a way to recover. He can play the golf. We always knew the question was going to be: ‘Can he walk the 72 (holes)?’ That’s still up in the air. But can he recover, from one round to the next? That’s the biggest question that I really don’t know and he’s not going to know either until he gets out there and figures out whether the way he’s prepared for this year’s Masters is going to work for him.”

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