July 24, 2024
Tiger Woods

There is no doubt that Tiger Woods was, is, and will remain the hero of the golf world. However, are the circumstances the same? Spectators used to cover him like bees in order to get a glimpse of his golf shots and a chance to witness him raise one more trophy at the end of the tournament. Although his popularity remains unchanged, his game has undergone significant changes. And it is all due to the almost-fatal accident back in 2021.

Fans have arguably lost trust in him. After all, the 48-year-old’s career stats since the accident haven’t been promising. If Woods makes the cut, the chance of him withdrawing is high; if not, people will have to witness the terrible sight of him struggling to keep up with the others’ scores and physicality till the end.

The golf world believes Woods can hardly make it to the weekend in a regular tournament, let alone the majors. Hence, the golfer accepting invites and playing in the events has become more of a joke to them. It was no different for the upcoming PGA Championship.

Can Tiger Woods win another PGA Championship? Fans say, no!
Tiger Woods reached Valhalla just days before the season’s second major practice. While his forever fans appreciated his good form, the general golf spectators had a different opinion.

Tiger Woods looked good. However, fans explained that this was what happens every time he plays. He looked good at the start, and the ending was a completely different story altogether! Despite him looking dialed in, they claimed that it was almost certain that he wouldn’t make the cut or that he would withdraw. And perhaps it is a fair assessment, for in Woods’s last four appearances on the course, he’s withdrawn twice. “Like every practice round or Thursday. Let’s see it on a sat or sun,“ said one, while another bluntly asked, “When will he WD?”

Spectators were not shy about giving a reality check to the hardcore fans, who showed optimism as well. Responding to TWLEGION’s question as to how Woods would fare this week, one fan even suggested that over the weekend he’d be home resting and recuperating.

Woods has admitted several times that ice baths after round after round have been the only reason he could play the day after in every event. While many want the four-time PGA Championship champion to win, the reality is otherwise. And the 2024 Masters stands testament to that. Woods had shown tremendous improvement in both the game and his health, but only for the first two days. Thereafter, the whole world watched him crumble as the rounds progressed.

It’s clear that the fans on Twitter currently believe that the 15x major champion’s presence at the Valhalla will end with an inevitable sad exit. Yet, a couple tried to remain positive. So very few. “Love to see it and hope he can maintain through the whole tournament!“

Tiger Woods has won at Valhalla before, in tremendous fashion. His 2000 win—where he trashed Bob May in a playoff to win his fifth major—is still one of the greatest moments in the history of the PGA Championship. However, the question is still the same: can he pull out another such win? Tune in to find out.

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